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Miyajima has many delicious specialties such as fresh oysters and conger eels caught in the Seto Inland Sea, rice cakes that are said to increase the strength of whoever eats them, and sweet-bean buns which are shaped like a maple leaf. The specialities and souvenir items from Miyajima were created to delight tourists.
Conger Eels
Conger Eels
Miyajima Oysters
Miyajima Oysters
Momiji Manju
Momiji Manju
Taiko no Chikaramochi
Taiko no Chikaramochi


Miyajima’s traditional craftwork was created on this island, and each piece is handmade individually by skilled craftsmen. Pieces are still sold as souvenirs and good-luck items. At souvenir shops visitors can watch craftsmen make the craftwork pieces using their masterful skills.

[1]Turnery works

[2]Miyajima Engraving

[3]Miyajima Shakushi
(Rice scoop)

Oshakushi (Huge rice scoop)

[5]Miyajima Hariko

[6]Miyajima Earthen Bell

[1] Natural wood grain adds a charm to Miyajima's turnery works.

[2] A Miyajima engraving is unique because of its realistic designs, and its traditional techniques are reflected everywhere.

[3] Miyajima Shakushi (rice scoops) are still handmade today as they used to be in ancient times, displaying the impressive beauty of their curves.

[4] Huge rice scoops which attract your attention at souvenir shops are believed to scoop up both good luck and enemies.

[5] A papier-mâché image, made using several layers of paper pasted one by one, is an item made using traditional folk handicraft techniques.

[6] The design of earthen bells originates from the scenery around Miyajima and the festivals held there. These bells make a gentle sound when shaken.

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