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Video Images of Miyajima
As dawn breaks, the Seto Inland Sea is as calm as a mirror, reflecting the sunlight. The sea glimmers, the mountains appear faded in the early morning mist, and the bright red shrine stands in an ethereal scenery. A new day begins when fresh air surrounds the island of gods.
Sunrise brings the island to life all at once. While the approaches to the shrine bustle with people, the island of gods is also blessed with tranquility and natural beauty. As you walk on the island, you feel the different faces of the island.
In the evenings when people return home feeling the changes of seasons, people can see the light from Otorii (Grand Gate) shimmering on the twilight sea. When night falls, a dreamlike world surfaces in silent darkness.
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Miyajima, an Island
where People and Gods
Live Together
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